10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Are you looking for a gaming affiliate program? If yes, this piece has everything you need to know and do. If no, then think again. According to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report, gamers all over the world have spent around $140 billion on games in 2018 only! Sounds tempting, right?

From our article, you’ll learn different ways of using the affiliate programs to your advantage whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or streamer. You’ll also find a list of 10 best gaming affiliate programs carefully picked. Please read on.

Ways to use affiliate programs:

For Social Media Personalities

Social media is a great platform to capitalize on your affiliate program, especially if you’re having a strong influence (more followers). According to Techjury, the influencer marketing industry could be worth $10 billion by 2020. Your followers usually see your posts on their feeds or walls. Now, what if you’ll be throwing in some affiliate links or ads once in a while?

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
influencer marketing statistics/theleverageway

Perhaps there’s a high probability a good number of them will follow the link or ad, hence make a purchase. Therefore, if you have a product you believe can help most, if not all, of your followers, you might want to consider sharing the product and earn some cash when they make purchases. Almost 50% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations!

For Forum Users  

Do you have a popular gaming forum where you often share several posts and threads that attract hundreds and thousands of comments? If yes, have you thought of the idea of getting paid for doing the posts and threads?

You’ll need to paste affiliate links and banner ads to your signature which will be automatically included in every original post and comments to other people’s posts. This will allow you to earn a commission every time someone uses the affiliate link or banner in your signature to make a purchase.     

For Game Bloggers

Not all gamers would prefer to make a living through streaming for some reason; they’d rather write and share their love of the art form. If this is you and you own a website or a blog, you can post affiliate links or ads (depending on your goals, target audience, and taste) on your blogs and pages.

And how will you benefit from doing this? Well, when your audience gets to click the link or ad hence make their purchase, you’ll get a commission.

I did some research and found a couple of interesting trends that can be useful for you.

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
A nice example of a gaming trend/ads.google.com
10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
A game that can be the foundation of your business/ads.google.com

For Streamers

There are quite a number of streaming platforms available, including YouTube and Twitch, that you can use to launch your channel or build a name for yourself. If you wondering what exactly you should stream, below you can find useful statistics from Twitchtracker.

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
Top games on Twitch for the last 7 days/ twitchtracker.com

Online affiliate programs can be viable for you as you can display affiliate QR codes somewhere in your stream or post affiliate links in your video descriptions. You’ll then receive some commission every time a viewer uses your QR code or affiliate link to make a purchase on the website. As your followers keep increasing, so does the income you derive from the program.  

Is this Niche Profitable Enough?

Well, my answer is yes. It’s a definitely lucrative niche that can bring you significant income. And I will explain why.

Plenty of people play computer games

Do you think only young boys play World of Warcraft, Dota or other games? Of course, no! Nowadays even old people like to spend their time on a computer.

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
Research among the online population aged 10-65 in 13 countries/newzoo.com

Looking at the gender and age divide of all gamers, we see that almost 50% of gamers across these 13 countries are women. Old people, children, men, and women are interested in computer games.

However, it important to realized that men and women interact differently with this gaming world. For example, 37% of men play on a console at least once a month, respectively, compared to 23% of women.

Gaming content isn’t just for gamers

According to a Google Survey, only 37% of people who watch gaming videos on YouTube consider themselves “gamers”. The rest 63% watch it for other reasons such as “entertainment”, “humor” and “game tips”. Some even compared these gaming videos to stand-up comedy. Eventually, “you don’t have to play soccer to enjoy it on TV”.

Modern technologies are constantly being improved

Nowadays we have PC, mobile, VR games. Due to this diversity, the number of gamers has increased significantly.

Let’s pay attention to the statistics below:

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
virtual reality video gaming sales revenue worldwide from 2015 to 2020/Statista.com
10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money
Worldwide Market Value of Mobile Contents in billion U.S. dollars (2011 to 2019)/wepc.com

In the future, the number of gamers will grow, so this niche will still remain utterly lucrative.

Gaming Industry Stats

  • The PC gaming industry was estimated to be worth 28.04 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is expected to reach 33.6 billion by 2020.
  • In 2017, the market value of the global mobile contents is 59.8 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 74.4 billion in 2019.
  • Worldwide online gaming traffic reached 915 petabytes per month in 2016 and is expected to grow by 79% more in 2019.

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

Amazon Associates

10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Amazon requires no much introduction. It’s a popular e-commerce giant and among the top retailers worldwide. They provide a wide variety of gaming products, software, hardware, and accessories. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to reliable marketing tools such as text links and affiliate ads necessary to monetize your website.

Joining the Amazon Associates is pretty simple and easy, and so does earning commissions. You need to be owning a website or a blog where you’ll earn by creating links and place them on your website or blog. If a customer makes a purchase via one of your links, you’ll earn some nice Amazon affiliate percentages. Just like that!  

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie: Unknown


Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gamers need gaming systems, keyboards, mice and controllers, among other peripherals. Razer offers cutting-edge peripherals and more. You can become a Razer affiliate through Commission Junction where you’ll get access to creative materials – text links, promotions, and banners of multiple sizes– that you can place on your website and earn a commission every time a customer clicks the banner or link and makes a purchase.

You can also earn some commission from having a discount/coupon, incentive, or loyalty code websites. Your commissions will be paid on a monthly basis between the 10th and 20th of every month.     

Commission: Up to 20%; 4% on peripherals, 20% on software, and $10 for every system sold.

Cookie: Unknown


10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

GameFly is one of the best gaming affiliate programs which provides a great gaming product selection for a larger gaming audience and more convenient and easy to use the website and mobile apps. Their affiliate program is run through Commission Junction. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to useful resources such as text links and promotional banners necessary for the success of your affiliate promotion.

All you need to do is convince a user to sign up (regardless of whether they’ll choose the free trial or pre-paid plan) and you can earn $15-$20. The higher the number of rental membership signups you deliver (500+), the higher the chances of having your rates increased up to $20.  

Commission: Up to 10%. 5% for new games and 10% for used games.

Cookie: 30 days


Gaming Affiliate Programs

Microsoft Affiliate Program provides both hardware and software products including games, apps, and movies via the Windows Store. They offer some of the best commission rates (on qualifying sales) in the industry. Joining their affiliate program would be very easy, especially if you own a blog or website.

You’ll also get an opportunity to maximize your revenue through their tools for promoting and tracking your campaigns. Microsoft Affiliate Program the longest in-app purchase window in the industry, which is 14 days.

Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie: 14 days


10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

This is one of the best digital distribution platforms for Mac and PC games offering over 4500 quality games. They use blue coins to reward their customers for reviews, ratings, and purchases. Their affiliate program is managed through Commission Junction, where you can sign up and get access to a number of affiliate links, banners, and reporting & tracking tools to use to promote their amazing products.

You’ll earn commissions for every successful sale made using your affiliate links. They also give you an opportunity to track all your program data – payments, clicks, revenues, and transactions – in one place.

Commission: Unknown

Cookie: Unknown

Mac Game Store

Gaming Affiliate Programs

Mac Game Store provides its customers with a wide variety of gaming products, including gaming bundles, digital games, and specials. It can be a perfect affiliate gaming program for you if you’re running a blog, making videos or gaming on a Mac computer. There are thousands of games that you can promote using their reliable marketing resources such as affiliate links and expansive product catalog.

They also have a sister store, Win Game Store, which was formed to satisfy the gaming needs of both the Windows and Linux customers. Both are run from one user-base hence you’ll get an opportunity to promote and earn commissions regardless of the platform used.

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days


10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

If you’re looking for a gaming platform that offers CD-keys, operating systems, PC game codes, online game time cards, and activation codes, GamersDeal can be your platform. They are determined to provide its customers and partners with 24-hours customer support and affordable prices on their products.

They have partnered with Commission Junction where you can sign up for their affiliate programs and enjoy access to relevant marketing and tracking resources necessary for your success. You’ll get an opportunity to earn high commissions, especially on selling software items.

Commission: 5%+

Cookie: Unknown

GT Omega Racing

Gaming Affiliate Programs

This is a platform that sells furniture, and how on earth does it have to do with gaming affiliate programs? Well, a successful gaming experience requires both comfort and style. That’s why GT Omega Racing can be a perfect choice for gaming chairs for a larger audience, including console or PC gamers.

This platform provides amazing choices that meet the needs of most gamers. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to text links, discount codes, and affiliate banners to place on your website, social media accounts, or streaming platforms. You’ll earn a commission, paid monthly via Bank Transfer or PayPal, every time a customer makes a purchase using your link, banner, or discount codes. Plus, you’ll get an opportunity to become Partners with them when you excel in promoting their products.   

Commission: Up to 5%

Cookie: Unknown


10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Make Money

This is a leading online service for streaming and watching digital video broadcasts – mainly video games. The platform allows you to monetize your channel with Bits, where you can earn a cent for every Bit used to Cheer in your channel. But Bits is not the only way to earn revenue as an affiliate, you can also earn nice revenue through subscriptions and additional tools (yet to be introduced).

You’ll be tracking your revenue from Bits on the Revenue tab and also enjoy access to the Cheering features and settings on your Dashboard. You’ll decide on your preferred mode of payment from the options accepted by the program.

Commission: 5%

Cookie: Unknown

Best Buy

Gaming Affiliate Programs

This is one of the best retailers of technology solutions, products, and services. They provide entertainment products, computers & accessories and consumer electronics, among other products. Their affiliate program is run through LinkShare network, where you can get access to text links, promotional banners, robust product catalog, a specific redirect link, and open APIs to use in promoting their products and earn commissions.

With their APIs, you’ll get access to the relevant product information including availability, pricing, descriptions, specifications, and images.

Commission: Up to 7%

Cookie: Unknown


Gaming is among the most popular niches worldwide. There are several gaming affiliate programs available today, such as the ones explained above. You can join and promote some of their products and earn a commission when customers make purchases using your links.

Once approved to be an affiliate, create several, relevant content. Then post it on your website and social media accounts, occasionally throwing in your affiliate links, banners, and logos. Get ready to earn great commissions when customers use the marketing materials to make purchases.

What more could you wish for? Start your journey towards affiliate success today!

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