7 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money

In this era of technological advancements and the Internet of things, affiliate marketing is becoming bigger and better every year. Nowadays, 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. A lot of real estate affiliate programs exist in the market today, and without enough information, it can be quite difficult to identify the best program to promote.

But that shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve prepared a list of hand-picked programs just for you. You’ll also learn what you need to do to become an affiliate of each program mentioned. Please read on.

The basics of affiliate marketing for real estate

Join a real estate affiliate program of your choice. Upon approval, you’ll get access to a number of marketing materials such as affiliate links, promotional banners, and logos, among other resources. You’ll be promoting the platform’s products using these resources where you’ll convince your readers to use the resources when making their purchases.

An example of marketing materials shareasale.com

While the idea of earning commissions through the affiliate networks might be that easy, you may have to put in a lot of efforts to have your blogs and site seen by potential clients. It is necessary to drive traffic to your site to enable the readers to see your links, hence use them to make their purchases. The commissions are usually in small percentages. Hence you may need to convince a good number of people to make purchases using your links for you to earn sizeable income, especially if you’re planning to do affiliate marketing full time.

Website ideas

  • Promote a specific course that provides useful information on how to join, invest, and succeed in the real estate niche;
  • Write posts on real estate and promote a particular product or subscription service that solves some of the common problems facing the people;
  • Promote networks providing rental services, shorter-term housing solutions, or reputable foreclosure services for people in need of such services.


Are you wondering how you can benefit from affiliate marketing? Well, there are actually a number of benefits that you can get from this niche.

  • Reputation as a helpful and trusted source of real estate knowledge;
  • Additional income;
  • Building professional connections with other businesses in the real estate market.

Real estate industry

In order to understand why a real estate is a truly lucrative niche, let’s pay attention to the global volume:

Real Estate Affiliate Programs
Global volume/ahrefs.com

Above you can see how many times per month, on average, people search for the real estate worldwide. There are 1,6 million searches queries monthly in Australia only!

It is quite important to use relevant keywords, depends on the country. Let’s compare two words: real estate and property.

7 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money
Worldwide statistics/trends.google.com

Also, we can take a look at the compared breakdown by region.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs
Compared breakdown by region/trends.google.com

It’s a map of the world shaded according to the term’s popularity. The color intensity represents the percentage of searches for the leading search term in a particular region.

How profitable is the real estate niche?

Real estate business has constantly been growing over the past decades. People are looking for places to stay whether for permanent residence or rentals and whether it’s for living or business purposes. For this reason, there’s a high demand for real estate properties all over the country and across the world. According to Statista, more than 5 million existing homes were sold in 2018 in the U.S. only!

7 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money
U.S. existing home sales 2005-2020 / Statista.com

At least 5 in 10 buyers look for homes and business premises through the Internet, which makes the real estate market a lucrative niche. It has a huge earning potential owing to its significantly high commissions and relatively longer cookie length.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs
Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers/nar.realtor

The simplest and most convenient way to earn good money is through affiliate selling, which almost requires zero certifications. There are quite a number of real estate affiliate programs, such as those mentioned below, that you can sign up today and start earning great commissions by promoting some of their products.  

But just like any other business, competition is a major concern in this niche. You need to look for a strategy that can get you the best out of business. For instance, you can identify a unique angle, say new construction, corporate housing, or divorcees, that you can focus on and put all your resources in it.  

More numbers

  • The housing market has risen by 11.4% since 2008
  • Interest rates increased to 2.27% in 2018
  • There are approximately two million active real estate licenses in the U.S.

Best real estate affiliate programs


Foreclosure/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Foreclosure is among the best-distressed property providers in the US. It’s one of the most complete residential foreclosure property listing sites in the country. They’re the country’s experts in on reporting the status of real estates that have been defaulted. As an affiliate, earning commissions on the sales made would be convenient owing to their streamlined affiliate program process.

You’ll get access to relevant marketing tools such as text links necessary for your success. Also, you will get an opportunity to enjoy high conversion rates owing to their access to property listings.

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 6 months

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real Estate Express is among the best industry leaders in the real estate education industry. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to marketing tools such as banners, links, and logos to add to your network hence promote their online courses to earn a commission every time a customer purchases their courses via your affiliate link.

They have a secure partner portal where you can track your earnings and sales in real-time through your Manager Dashboard. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the possible technical problems and maintenance of the courses and certificates; Real Estate Express will take care of all that. They provide payouts after every 15 days of every month for amounts above $50. Otherwise, the amount will be rolled to subsequent months until you’ve reached the $50 minimum threshold.      

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 100 days


Buildium/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

This platform started in 2002, helps real estate investors and property managers embrace efficiency and scale their portfolio. Among the activities that you can get from their property management include managing rental listings, tracking budgets, paying vendors, and communicating with owners, vendors, and tenants.

Their affiliate program is run through Commission Junction or ShareASale; both allow you access to a number of marketing and tracking tools necessary for your success. You’ll earn through making sales and lead generation. The program’s average sale and Earnings Per Click (EPC) are $57.54 and $76.36, respectively.

Commission: 25% per sale for the first year and $10 per lead

Cookie: 60 days


Referz/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

If you’re a real estate agent, there are three types of payouts available for you. The first one is the standard program where you can pay some amount, usually 30% referral fee only when closing is done successfully and enjoy the rest of the commission (70%) all by yourself even without a license.

The referral program, which requires you to have a license, gives you an opportunity to earn a 20% referral commission for every closing completed successfully. The third payout is the team referral program, which gives you an opportunity to generate a 25% commission for every successful sale. You’ll get access to affiliate links which you can add on your blog, website, LinkedIn, or any other relevant platform.

Commission: Up to 25%

Cookie: Unknown


HomeAway/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

HomeAway is among the leading marketplaces for vacation rentals with over 2 million paid listings available in almost 200 countries that you can use to promote and earn affiliate commissions. They provide a wide variety of vacation homes choices for various travelers with additional space for relaxing and intercalary privacy. Their affiliate program is managed through Commission Junction, where you’ll get access to marketing resources such as text links to start promoting through your website or social media accounts.

All you need to do is refer vacation rentals to your website audience and earn a commission every time a customer uses your referral link. They provide third-party tracking, monthly commission checks, and real-time reporting to enhance your success as an affiliate.

Commission: 3% for every traveler who rents a HomeAway listing using your referral link and $20 for every new listing you refer to the program.

Cookie: Unknown

Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

If you’re a rental property owner or a property manager and are looking for a platform to market your rental properties to companies and traveling professionals, Corporate Housing by Owner can be your best advertising outlet.

Their affiliate program is managed through ShareASale, where you’ll get access to a number of marketing resources such as text links and banner ads, along with reporting and tracking tools. The platform’s starting bronze listing package and average sale stands at $339 and $455, respectively. Should you fail to rent your property within 30 days upon purchasing the listing (they guarantee that you will), you’ll get an opportunity to have your annual listing extended for an additional six months for free. Sounds great, right?

Commission: 15%

Cookie: Unknown

RP Capital

RP Capital/ Real Estate Affiliate Programs

This is a monetary firm specializing in reality, structured transactions, different investments, and monetary informative services. Their team, consisting of licensed real estate professionals, has in-depth expertise in discovering investment opportunities and identifying native markets.

As an affiliate, you’ll get access to a unique referral link which you’ll use to generate leads for them. They’ll do the work of selling the deals for you, and you’ll receive a 6% commission upon closure. You’ll be eligible for $1000 for every sale made, which you can be paid via check twice a month.

Commission: 6%

Cookie: Unknown

How to start

Do you own a website? If yes, then you’re just one step ahead of joining one of the real estate affiliate programs. If not, consider creating one today – it’s quite simple. To ensure that your affiliate links get seen and clicked by potential clients, you need to start driving traffic on your website.

Search for relevant keywords to use in your content. There are quite a number of keyword research tools, such as Google Trends where you can search for a topic (in this case real estate), and you’ll get seed keywords to choose from. But be ready that the competition is extremely high.

7 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money

It’s important that you choose a micro-niche that you are interested in since you’ll be writing quite a lot of content about the topic and everything related.

For example, below you can find two keywords:

Real Estate Affiliate Programs
1) Property 2) Property in Mumbai /ahrefs.com

As you can see you have to get 174 backlinks if you want to rank in top 10 for the keyword «Property».Though, you need only 13 backlinks to be in top 10 with the keyword «Property in Mumbai».

We can go further and use the phrase «Buy property in Mumbai».

7 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn Money
Buy property in Mumbai /ahrefs.com

With this phrase, we have to get backlinks from 10 websites only!

Choosing a micro-niche that you’re less interested in might only make things difficult both as an affiliate and coming up with the content. This may require a lot of research to properly understand each particular micro-niche and hence identify the best strategy to use to your advantage.


These are just some of the real estate affiliate programs that you can sign up today and start enjoying their benefits. They provide an opportunity to earn affiliate commissions by promoting products, services, and subscriptions on your website as a real estate broker or agent.

Ensure to go through each program carefully to identify the best platform that interests you and which you have what it takes to be their affiliate. At this point, all you’ll need to do is refer people to the platform and urge them to make purchases. Then relax and enjoy your earned commissions.

Good luck!

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