9 Best Golf Affiliate Programs

Let’s face it; more than 20 million people in the United States play golf every year. Golf is a highly rated game that is very competitive and requires several pieces of equipment to start playing. As a result, many people get new golf clubs or even replace the old pieces of equipment that are becoming inefficient during play. Thus, golf affiliate programs are so profitable because several people of different classes participate in golf playing for different purposes.

A Bit More About Golf Affiliate Marketing

When you play golf your age doesn’t matter and this makes this kind of sport so popular. Golf is a major sport in Japan, US, UK, and Korea. Also, it has a solid interest in Europe, Australia and the rest of the world.

9 Best Golf Affiliate Programs
A Table of Top 10 Popular Sports/sportsshow.net

Niche Demand

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
golf 1M – 10M
golf clubs 100K – 1M
golf courses 100K – 1M
golf swing 10K – 100K
online golf 10K – 100K
golf lessons 10K – 100K
golf deals 1K – 10K
golf websites 1K – 10K

The table shows the monthly searches on Google. We haven’t covered a huge range of long-tail keywords, so this is definitely a huge niche.

Let’s see Google trends to find out more details about the golf industry.

9 Best Golf Affiliate Programs
Worldwide statistics/ads.google.com
9 Best Golf Affiliate Programs
Interest by region/ ads.google.com

The Golf is as popular as ever. As you can notice from the statistics above, in winter, people are less interested in this sport than in summer. Of course, this kind of sport is seasonal, so you need to take it into account.

Facts and Statistics

  • Golf, as a whole, generates more than $3.9 billion in charitable giving annually.
  • UK golfers spend £4 billion a year.
  • Golf is the world’s 8th most popular sport.

9 Best Golf Affiliate Programs

Come to think of a young girl playing golf versus an old man playing golf; a person playing golf to relax versus a person playing golf to get better. Their needs are so different hence making a golf affiliate program to be very profitable and diverse. Whatever the category you are interested in, we have shared the 9 best golf affiliate programs that you should focus on. Sit back, relax and let’s discover them as they unfold.

1. Austad’s Golf

Austad’s Golf

This a family-owned and operated golf retailer which has remained relevant in the business since 1963. Austad’s Golf is an authorized and reputable retailer for all the known top brands in golf. Its main mission is to provide the utmost services to the customers by considering the constraints that every customer can encounter during the purchase of their items.

Additionally, Austad’s Golf is the best affiliate program because you can be able to access the information concerning the best brands through a monthly affiliate program. Therefore, you can easily get updated in matters concerning the prices and any other important retailer’s information.

Commission: 7.5%

Cookie: 60 days

If you have been thinking of the best golf affiliate program, then you got it today. You will find it more profitable to take your business to the next level.

2. Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program

Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program

This is one of the best golf affiliate program because it involves the best Swing Speed Training Programs in the world. An ordinary member can record a swing speed gain of 12-16 mph in the first thirty days. Swing Man Golf affiliate program has a return rate of less than 1% and its conversion rate is over 5%.

Swing Man Golf affiliate program deserves to be in a list of sports that you purpose to promote. This is because it has an incredibly high commission of 75% on the Swing Speed program. However, these commission rates vary on their other related products.

Commission: 75%

Cookie: 30 days

Although the commission is amazingly high, they sell golf instructional products and programs only. Therefore, it is great if you sell this affiliate program alongside other equipment so that you can optimize your earnings.

3. ProTee Golf Affiliate Program

ProTee Golf Affiliate Program

ProTee Golf simulator is widely known as an affiliate program that can make you earn thousands of dollars. With ProTee, you will sell golf simulators affiliate programs to both the beginners and veteran golf players.

In addition, ProTee Golf simulator affiliate program grants you an opportunity to earn monthly via PayPal for the sales you have made in every specific month. Interestingly, you are not limited to a number of products to sell but you have a wide range of products to market and sell to the golfers.

Commission: 5%

Cookie: Unknown

ProTee Golf Simulator Affiliate Program is truly the best because it does not restrict the type of users they can sign up to their platform. Though ProTee is solely based in the UK, it accepts all kinds of users in all countries in the globe.

4.Nike Golf Affiliate Program

Nike Golf Affiliate Program

Nike Golf Affiliate Program stands out to be the best that allows users to apply in order to promote their products. If you own a website, then this is the best affiliate program you can opt for. Once your application is approved, you will have a chance to browse a broad spectrum of Nike links as well as banners that you can use to promote the Nike Golf Affiliate Program on your website.

Nike Golf Affiliate Program is also known for frequent communication that regards new products as well as offers. Therefore, you will find it easy while marketing their products because they always keep you updated on their progress.

Commission: 11%

Cookie: 30 days

Nike Golf Affiliate Program is great because it offers free delivery on eligible orders to its customers. More so, it has lower free delivery thresholds for all the products that customers order.

5. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

Callaway Golf Affiliate Program/ Golf Affiliate Programs

It is also known as Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet affiliate Program. Callaway Golf is a trendsetter of high-performance golf equipment. Therefore, it gives marketers an exclusive opportunity of promoting rogue golf clubs as well as other pieces of equipment that can easily earn them profits.

In order to earn by promoting Callaway Golf Affiliate Program, you need to complete an online application which is done via CJ Affiliate publisher. Thereafter you will be given unique HTML codes that you can use to market various products. The HTML code uniquely identifies your sales such that software called Commission Junction calculates the exact commission that you have earned.

Commission: 6-9%

Cookie: Unknown

Callaway Golf Affiliate program is easy to sign up an earn money. This is because it uses a unique HTML code that identifies you as a marketer and the sales that you have made within a certain period of time.

6. Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program

Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program/ Golf Affiliate Programs

This golf affiliate program, Rain or Shine is the America’s number indoor golf store. Its main objective is to ensure that all golfers enjoy the game all-time round with a broad selection of indoor hitting mats, putting greens, golf simulators, golf nets, etc. They also have a mutual relationship with the top brands that offer the lowest prices to fit their price match guarantee.

Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program is the best alternative for content creators to earn money by promoting various golf products. All affiliates are paid their wages 1st of every month based on the sales they have made in the previous month.

Commission: 7-10%

Cookie: 30 days

Truly, Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program is great if you need fast cash. This is because it only requires you to hit a minimum of $20 then you can withdraw your wages on the 1st of the succeeding month.

7. Fairway Golf Affiliate Program

airway Golf Affiliate Program/ Golf Affiliate Programs

For more than two and a half decades, Fairway has been consistently selling the top-notch premium golf clubs, apparel, and accessories. Their main area of focus is Japanese imported and custom made golf clubs. Among the top brands that you can market as an affiliate include Scotty Cameron, Titleist, Vokey, Mizuno, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

They also award its affiliate marketers with a $5 bonus for any sales that are done above $200. Besides, you will also have access to a large variety of useful banners and links.

Commission: 4-10%

Cookie: 60 days

Fairway Golf Affiliate Program is a good startup for affiliate marketers. This is because it has so many offers like a 2% increase in commission after 60 days in their program.

8. Sweet Spot Shot Videos

Sweet Spot Shot Videos

This is a website platform that is created by Geoff Greig with the purpose of promoting Sweet Spot Shot Videos from Geoff Greig EvoSwing Golf. It pays the affiliate marketers for every sale of Sweet Shot Videos that have been tracked by the Clickbank Affiliate ID. Thereafter, an affiliate will receive a commission of 75%. It is the simplest affiliate program to join and make money when your customers click the link and place an order.

Commission: 75%

Cookie: Unknown

Sweet Spot Videos is quite recommended for affiliate marketers because it has got video samples and a lot of promotional materials.

9. Proozy Golf Affiliate Program

Proozy Golf Affiliate Program/ Golf Affiliate Programs

This type of golf affiliate program allows the affiliate marketers to join easily and freely via ShareASale Affiliate platform. It offers many brands such as Oakley, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, etc. As an affiliate marketer, it will be easy to promote several brands from just one affiliate program.

Once you join Proozy Golf Affiliate Program, you will get unrestricted access to official text links and content that will hugely help you as you market several brands. Other benefits that will come along are like daily newsletter promotions with exclusive offers.

Commission: 6.75%

Cookie: Unknown

With active dedicated program management, Proozy Affiliate Program stands out to be the best for all affiliate marketers. This is because you will always get a response to questions concerning the products and brands that you market on a daily basis.

In a nutshell

With the 9 affiliate programs shared on this page, you should really be making a lucrative income now. It is time to focus on the easy ways of making money online by spending little resources and earning more. Get started today and choose your favorite golf affiliate program to start making your own money through commissions.

*Best of Luck*.

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