9 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

Health and fitness is an evergreen niche within the internet marketing space. This niche is growing at an exponential rate and a wide range of supplement affiliate programs.

Globally, there are millions of people on a quest to improve their health! According to the reports, the global supplement market was worth $122.08 billion in 2015, and if the calculations hold up, it will escalate to $278 billion by 2024!

Is it a Profitable Niche?

There are supplements for almost everything, from losing weight to gaining muscle mass and even looking younger. They are always in demand.

Google Trends

People all over the world want to be happy and healthy. No wonder, they are looking for products that will help do that. According to Zionmarketresearch, the revenue is set to reach $220.3 billion by 2022.


What people are searching for?

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
protein supplements 10K – 100K
food supplement 10K – 100K
dietary supplement 10K – 100K
protien powder 10K – 100K
bodybuilding supplements 10K – 100K
nutritional supplements 10K – 100K
supplements online 1K – 10K

There is a wide range of keywords in the supplement industry. Though, it might be extremely difficult to rank your website higher than your competitors.

Supplement Affiliate Programs/ahrefs.com
keywords explorer/ahrefs.com

As you can see, it is much better to choose a sub-niche. To rank in top 10 with the keyword ‘supplements for babies’, you need to get backlinks from 13 websites only!

What does this all mean for internet marketers? Well, going by the numbers mentioned above, registering up for any of the supplement affiliate programs hold excellent prospects for them in 2019.

We have compiled 9 of the best supplement and nutrition affiliate programs that you can register with immediately, promote their popular products, and make some big bucks.

Best Supplement Affiliate Programs:

1. All Star Health

All Star Health

All Star Health is one of the most trusted platforms for individuals and athletes looking for the best nutritional supplements. They also offer the best multivitamins for bodybuilders. Customers can choose from over 15,000 products from over 300 brands.

All you need to do is sign up for their affiliate program, and they will provide you with the promotional materials to get started with. Affiliates are provided with a selection of banners, images, and text links that they can place on their websites and social media campaigns.

You need to fill out their Affiliate Advertising Form. All Star Health will review your application and once approved; you will be provided with access to their marketing materials, control panels, online reporting, telephone, and email support, among others.

Program Details:

Commission: from 10% to 14%

Cookie: 30 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Huge range of products
  • High conversion

2. GNC


GNC is a site that offers supplements for bodybuilders or individuals interested in building muscle mass. It is a significant brand in the supplement space and uses CJ for handling the backend of their program.

Registering up with GNC allows you to decide what type of website/store you want to build. With product links, banners, and logo, you earn commissions on the products you sell.

GNC will be handling all the processing, transactions, and customer service. They hand pick their range of health supplements that have the utmost quality ingredients and provide the most benefit to their customers. Affiliates can sign up for free, and they will be provided with a great selection of custom ads, coupons, text links, and banner ads.

Program Details:

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 7 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Opportunity to grow
  • Product Catalog
  • Variety of text links and banner ads

3. Persona


Persona is a vitamin and nutrient delivery platform that delivers personalized supplements according to consumer requirements. The platform uses science, data, and technology to recommend supplements that meet the lifestyle habits and individual needs of the customers.

Medications, health conditions, lifestyle habits, gender, age, etc. all are considered when recommending the supplements.

Customers subscribe to get vitamins delivered each month via mail. By promoting their products, the affiliates can earn a percentage of the total sales made. You need to place Persona’s text link or ads on your website or emails. The customers need to create their health profile that generates a personalized supplement combination based on peer-reviewed scientific studies, habits, lifestyle, and the medications they are taking.

Persona’s expert nutritionists and physicians also help customer generate a unique supplement combination.

Program Details:

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • 70 high-quality nutritional supplements and vitamins
  • Truly personalized approach

4. Tropical Oasis

Supplement Affiliate Programs/Tropical Oasis

Tropical Oasis is another excellent supplement affiliate program that deals with liquid vitamins and minerals. As an affiliate, you can promote all their brands and products. What makes Tropical Oasis’ affiliate program success is that they have supplements for everybody. They have special vitamins for children, adults, and even pets.  

Moreover, they supply vitamins and minerals for athletes as well. This gives the affiliates a broader area to flourish in the supplement market. All their products are backed by 100% money back guarantee.

They manage their affiliate program through ShareASale and provide access to over 20 creatives for banner ad placement, text links, tracking tools, and their data feed. They also boast dedicated in-house management to help affiliates with registration, content creation, and product linking.

Program Details:

Commission: 25%

Cookie: 30 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Less than a 2% return rate
  • High AOV (average order value)

5. A1Supplements


A1Supplements is an online distributor and wholesaler of sports nutrition and other nutritional supplements. They sell directly to the public without any intermediaries at wholesale prices.

They have thousands of products, and becoming its affiliate can boost your earnings. Promotions are happening daily on A1Supplements, and you can help others take advantage of those deals.

A1Supplements provide the affiliates with all the necessary tools and marketing materials to help them drive traffic to A1Supplements.com, and based on how many products the affiliates sell; they will be paid the commission. As an affiliate, your tools will include banners and ad links among others to use on your social media posts and website.

They encourage their affiliates to keep an eye on the offers, new products, coupons, and deals so that they can take maximum benefits of the latest deals and maximize their conversion rates.

Program Details:

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 30 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • A wholesale leader in sports nutrition
  • Lots of deals and coupons. You’re allowed to promote any offer you find.

6. New Vitality

Supplement Affiliate Programs/New Vitality

New Vitality is the top source for skin care products and nutritional health supplements. As an affiliate of New Vitality, you will earn commissions by helping people look younger and live a healthier life.

Your customers will be provided with excellent support and service, while they enjoy buying products from you at low costs. Why many internet marketers prefer New Vitality’s affiliate program is that they offer a diverse range of health products that are high in demand.

Some of their popular products include BlueVera, Lumatone, Ageless Male, and Super Beta Prostate. Upon joining their affiliate program, you will be provided with all the necessary promotional materials, including tracking tools, their product feed, text links, and display ads. Their dedicated affiliate managers will discuss promotional opportunities and help answer any queries.

Program Details:

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 15 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Commission increases for select placements
  • Custom display ads with rapid turnaround
  • Opportunities for exclusive offers

7. eVitamins

Supplement Affiliate Programs/eVitamins

eVitamins supply over 25,000 different health, beauty and natural food products offering the best overall value online. They are known for providing the freshest products to their customers at the lowest prices up to 75% off.

eVitamins have been selling supplements and natural food products for some time now. They owe their success to their customers’ word of mouth recommendations. Their in-house affiliate program is free to join and easy to promote. By affiliating with eVitamins, you will be offering your audience the most popular natural products and health supplements on the internet.

Joining eVitamins’ affiliate program doesn’t require any kind of experience. You will be provided with all the materials and tools to promote the products. There is no cost attached, and you can promote their product both offline and online.

There are two affiliate programs from which you have to choose:

1.    Affiliate Network: it is eVItamins’ in-house affiliate program where the commission varies from 12-20%

2.    Commission Junction: This program is managed via a relationship with the CJ network. 8% is the total commission for new affiliates and 4% for existing ones.

Program Details:

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

8. Vitagene

Supplement Affiliate Programs/Vitagene

Vitagene is a prominent precision health platform developed by researchers and leading doctors in the fields of nutrition and genetics. Vitagene provides a personalized supplement, exercise, and diet plan based on the customer’s DNA.

The Vitagene affiliate program enables people to make more effective and informed decisions about their supplementation, exercise, and diet. It provides a complete DNA test, offering the consumers with detailed information about their ancestry, optimal supplementation, exercise, and diet.

This helps their customers with all the information they need to reach their long-term and short-term wellness goals. As an affiliate, you will be provided with all the necessary guidance and support to promote its wide range of health products and supplements.

You will be provided with professionally designed banner ads, reporting tools, text links, and monthly commission payouts. They also provide their affiliates with placement opportunities and special promotions upon request.

Program Details:

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 45 Days  

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Opportunity to earn higher commissions
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Secure payments with PayPal

9. Purity Products

Supplement Affiliate Programs/Purityproducts.com

Purity Products focuses on providing its customers with science-based nutritional supplements. The supplements they offer are of high-quality and evidence-based and are directly sold to the consumers without the involvement of a third-party. Their objective is to make the world a good place through their excellent health, quality, and dedication to honesty, and civic responsibility.

They offer high conversions on health products, including organic drink mixes, joint formulas, hyaluronic acid formulas, vitamin D, multivitamins, krill oil, omega-3 fish oil, and more.

This company uses Pepperjam for managing their affiliate program. The affiliates are provided with reliable product feeds, vanity codes, and custom display ads. You can contact their in-house dedicated affiliate managers regarding any queries and for discussing the promotional opportunities. They only sell science-based nutritional products and provide exclusive codes for code-based tracking.

Program Details:

Commission: 12%

Cookie: 45 Days

Benefits of this affiliate program:

  • Increased commissions available
  • Opportunities for exclusive offers

Advantages of Supplement Affiliate Marketing

A wide range of offers. You can find a lot of online shops that will offer you nice conditions.

Large market. As was mentioned above, the market is constantly growing. You don’t need to worry about the future of this niche. People always take care of their health and buy different products and treatments.

Disadvantages of Supplement Affiliate Programs

Competition. The number of supplement websites is big and you need to choose an appropriate sub-niche.

Low-quality products. You need to be very careful with companies. Nowadays there are a lot of disreputable companies in the supplement industry. It’s better to find a trustful store and make sure that they deliver quality products.


If you are keen on taking the benefits of affiliate programs, the health and nutrition industry has a range of nutritional and health supplements that can be promoted well and gain maximum profits through commissions. Also, you can promote some products for vegans.

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