9 Makeup Affiliate Programs That Pay Good Money

Running beauty blogs is a rapidly growing market. The makeup industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and buyers need inspiration. Global cosmetic products market will reach $863 billion by 2024! Your makeup blog can be what guides and influences consumers so let’s compare makeup affiliate programs.

Is Makeup a Profitable Niche?

Makeup is a lucrative niche for blogs because there are so many consumers and opportunities to make good money. Remember that nearly half of the population wears makeup and that even though there are a lot of blogs out there, there are also a lot of consumers. The dream for most beauty bloggers is to monetize their websites which seems like a daunting task.

According to Statista, beauty videos generated more than 169 billion views on Youtube in 2018. Imagine how many people are interested in makeup worldwide!

9 Makeup Affiliate Programs That Pay Good Money
Annual beauty-related content views on YouTube from 2009 to 2018/Statista.com

As the industry is growing there has sprouted out a new way of making money known as makeup affiliate programs. This is when you make a business deal with a beauty company where you review or highlight a product in exchange for profit from sales of their product you facilitate through an affiliate link. This can be an easy and simple way to monetize your blog.

Makeup Industry by Numbers

  • 86% of women find that wearing makeup improves their self-image.
  • Average American women spend around $2,000 annually on cosmetic products or operations.
  • The worldwide skincare, beauty, and cosmetics industries are predicted to be worth over $675 billion by 2020.

Makeup Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of the best makeup brands to join their affiliate programs:

1.    Colorescience


Colorescience offers free samples with free shipping for its collection of luxury makeup, skincare, and sun care products.

Commission: This company offers a 5% commission rate on customer purchases.

Pros: in-depth tracking of your campaign, free samples and promotional materials, and excellent account management.

Cons: The 5% commission rate is rather low in comparison to other affiliate rates.

2.    Glambot


Glambot is a website that is an online marketplace for quality tested, used makeup. They offer a variety of price points to choose from and sell mostly high-end products including Anastasia Beverly Hills and Zoeva Cosmetics. They also sell skincare and brushes/makeup tools.

Commission: You will get a 10% commission on all purchases from your affiliate link plus other rewards such as cash bonuses.

Pros: The combination of the rate of commission and the potential bonuses are very competitive.  

Cons: A huge downside is the company does not offer free products to demonstrate with, unlike other companies. Another con is you might not like the idea of advertising pre-owned makeup.

3.    Nanshy


Nanshy is vegan, responsibly sourced, made and tested in the UK makeup application tool brand. They also have an emphasis on low costs and makeup application tools.

Commission: 10% commission all purchases made using your unique tracking code.

Pros: They offer 25% off all our products. Nanshy also offers a lifetime cookie period which means if someone clicks on your affiliate link then if they make a purchase from Nanshy for a year or more then you still get a commission.

Cons: There is a slightly limited selection because only makeup application tools are sold by Nanshy.

4.    Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek is an indie makeup brand started by a famous beauty influencer Marlena Stell. She sells a variety of items including palates and other makeup products.

Commission: The commission is 10%.

Pros: Makeup Geek is a well-established and popular brand that doesn’t risk your reputation to promote.

Cons: The cookie length is 15 days, that’s comparatively short. Also, there aren’t any bonuses offered.

5.    GA-DE Cosmetics

GA-DE Cosmetics

This brand offers makeup, skin care, fragrances, and body care in a middle price range. GA-DE takes pride in its unique formula and being environmentally friendly.

Commission: GA-DE Cosmetics offers a 10% commission and monthly incentives and affiliate contests.

Pros: They offer a 30-day cookie which means it tracks the customer’s purchases for 30 days and if they eventually make a purchase you still make a commission. Also, there are monthly incentives and affiliate contests which can get you some extra cash and personalized creatives.

Cons: There are longer cookie lengths available from other companies.

6.    Mica Beauty Cosmetics

Mica Beauty Cosmetics/makeup affiliate programs

Mica Beauty Cosmetics is a beauty company that specializes in all-natural makeup with products formulated to be compatible with sensitive skin.   

Commission: Mica Beauty offers 18% commission.

Pros: The commission is nearly 2-4 times the normal commission percentage offered by the other companies on this list. It also has a 60 day cookie period which is better than other company’s policies on the list.

Cons: There is no discount and free shipping is only for orders over $100.

7.    BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics/makeup affiliate programs

This makeup company supports cruelty-free practices, vegan ingredients, rigorous testing of makeup products, and amazing prices. In addition, they list that the average order value is $38.01 which means the average money the seller gains is about $3 per order.

Commission: They offer an 8% commission and bonuses.

Pros: BH Cosmetics offers 24/7 customer service. Also, they have a 90-day cookie duration which is long compared to other comparable company’s offers.

Cons: While $38.01 as the average order value sounds like a lot, it ends up giving you on average only about $3 per purchase.

8.    Black Opal Beauty

makeup affiliate programs/ Black opal beauty

This company is dedicated to supplying quality makeup for women of color which is an underrepresented part of the market.

Commission: It is unclear what their commission is.

Pros: They offer makeup affiliate-only deals.

Cons: This brand is targeted at women of color so if your blog or website isn’t for them, forget about this makeup affiliate program. Also, they don’t list their commission rate.

9.    100 % Pure

makeup affiliate programs/100% pure

This brand prides itself on natural and cruelty-free products, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no synthetic chemical preservatives, and no other toxins.

Commission: You will receive an 8% commission.

Pro: You can easily track every sale through their website.

Cons: They don’t have cookies so you only can get a sale if the customer directly follows your link.

How to start a makeup blog

Now that you know what the pros and cons of different brands you may be wondering how to start your own makeup blog. Here are five tips:

1.    Use the right keywords to facilitate search engine optimization which allows your website to show up for popular searches. A way to discover these is to start with a list of topics your blog covers. Also, try using Google Keyword Planner which shows you words similar to your keywords and the average monthly searches for the keyword.

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
makeup 1M – 10M
makeup brushes 100K – 1M
eye makeup 100K – 1M
cosmetics 100K – 1M
lipstick 100K – 1M
make up store 10K – 100K
eyeshadow palette 100K – 1M

2.    Pick a niche or topic and stick with it. Some examples are reviews, affordable brands, nail polishes, or a little bit of everything. You should do further research into what is the fastest growing industry. It is preferred to choose a sub-niche with low competition.

9 Makeup Affiliate Programs That Pay Good Money
Keyword explorer/ahrefs.com

As you can see above, it’s much easier to rank in top 10 with the keyword ‘cheap makeup brushes’ than the keyword ‘makeup’.

3.    Brainstorm a catchy and memorable name for your beauty blog. You should take as much time as you need with this and pass it by trusted friends and family because once you select a name for your blog you should stick with it in order to develop a brand.

Domain Name Ideas
My Beauty Life
Sparkle Godness
7 Beauty Secrets
Muse of Beauty
Shimmer Star

4.    Figure out your target audience and cater to them. It’s really important to develop this because they are loyal, spread the word about your beauty blog, give you ideas for the right blog topics, and they are easy to influence. An easy way to find your target audience is to read comments om forums, join relevant Facebook groups, and go on Pinterest.

The Most Popular Beauty Forums
GlamFam Beauty Forum
Makeup Talk
Beauty Brains Forum
Specktra: The online community for beauty

5.    Create an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use a website on a platform such as WordPress with the right plugins. It can be tempting to over design your blog but it is important to make it so users want to come back and can easily process the information in your blogs.

3 Best Programs (My personal opinion)

Overall, in my opinion, the three best programs are Mica Beauty Cosmetics, Nanshy, and BH Cosmetics.

I think BH Cosmetics is a good selection for a makeup affiliate program since they offer 24/7 customer service. In addition, they have a 90-day cookie duration which is a long cookie time length compared to other programs. Another aspect I like is that it’s a company which supports cruelty-free practices and vegan ingredients. Also, another good aspect of BH Cosmetics is that they have a wide range of products unlike other brands on the list above.

Nanshy is one of my top beauty brands picks because it is cruelty-free, vegan, and responsibly sourced, made and tested. It is an ethical brand and I think people should support that. Also, they offer 25% off all of Nanshy’s products which is really valuable so you can get ahold of their products in order to advertise them better. In addition, they have a decent commission rate of 10% and a long cookie time length.

Lastly, I think Mica Beauty Cosmetics is the best out of all nine programs because of the very competitive rate of 18% for commissions and they have a pretty long cookie time length of 60 days. The higher rate for commissions is really important because it means you are earning approximately double other competitive programs’ rates.  


The makeup blogging industry may seem difficult to break into and make money off of but with these tips and suggestions, you can improve your blog and money-making potential quickly and easily. Best of luck!

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