Choose the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program

Credit cards are loans without security. When used with proper care, they can be a great way for someone to make up for the lack of cash in times of need. At the same time, they are the tools to help individuals build their credit history and improve their credit score. You can play your part in this industry by helping these people. Just join a credit card affiliate program!

According to Creditcards, there were 364 million open credit card accounts in the United States as of the end of 2017. Multiple studies say that 7 in 10 Americans have at least one credit card. You can act as a bridge through a credit card affiliate program between the best credit cards and those who need them.

A bit More About Credit Card Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays more and more people use credit cards. Let’s see what are they searching for.

Credit Card Affiliate Program/ Google Trends

As you can see above, the search volume for credit cards is much more than before. But how do people use them?

Where Are Credit Cards Favored by Consumers?
Consumer Payment Study/

According to Valuepenguin, most of people use credit cards for online shopping and online travel purchases. This study can help you to understand customers and their needs better.

But what are the people searching to specifically?

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
credit card 100K – 1M
best credit cards 100K – 1M
apply for credit card 100K – 1M
credit card comparison 10K – 100K
secured credit card 100K – 1M
online credit card 10K – 100K
low interest credit cards 10K – 100K
instant credit card 1K – 10K
top credit cards 1K – 10K

Some keywords, such as ”credit card comparison“ or “low interest credit cards“, can give you some ideas for your content. But the competition can be high, so you need to check them first. Let’s do it together.

Choose the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program

As you can see a lot of people search there keywords above, but the competition for ranking is insane. It would be extremely difficult to rank a website in top 10. Because of this, let’s pay our attention to other phrases.

Choose the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program

Keywords difficulty is medium, so you have a good opportunity to rank your website on top 10 for chosen keywords.

Credit Card Affiliate Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to joining affiliate programs for credit cards and promoting them through marketing is that you will have to cover a learning curve. You can’t start selling these offers just like that. You have to understand the market, what hits the customers the most, what sends them off about credit card offers.

At the same time, a lot of learning will come as you promote the programs. The questions from your customers and how they react to your marketing will teach you how you should design your strategies in the future.

When it comes to advantages, there are many for you as well as those who will benefit from the program. First of all, it is a huge market and one you can trust when it comes to potential sales. Over 75% of the adult population in the US has credit cards. There are more than 450,000,000 credit card accounts in the US only. Since 2012, credit card accounts are on the rise like never before.

In short, if there is a right time to join credit card affiliate programs, it is right now. People are now realizing the importance of unsecured loans and also their credit score. They want to take advantage of today’s technology but can’t do so until they have a good credit score. In simple words, the need to buy things on credit has increased with time.

How Credit Card Affiliate Programs Work

When you join an affiliate program, you are given access to the marketing materials to attract potential leads and customers. Different companies use different applications and programs for the marketing of their programs. The way companies pay for your efforts is also different.

Some companies will pay you for confirmed sales only whereas others will pay you for leads as well. Some companies have lenient requirements for you to meet to join the program whereas some will let you promote their content only if you have a blog or a website where you talk about topics related to credit cards.

Of course, each credit card comes from a different company and hence carries different features. From the limit of credit available to the rewards you get, you have to look at a lot of things before you get your first credit card in your hands.

Not every credit card suits every individual. Some credit cards are meant for providing customers with an instant stream of cash so they can meet their financial needs. On the other hand, some credit cards are designed specifically by companies to help customers improve their credit score.

What is the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program? The Top-5

1.      CreditCardBroker

CreditCardBroker/Credit Card Affiliate Program

It is not a simple program with a fixed commission for sales. You have more than 25 different products that you can sell. Each product has a different amount of commission associated with it. In almost every case, you will be paid for an approved customer. In other words, there is no product for which you can get paid for generating a lead.

CreditCardBroker prefers its affiliates to be professional marketers. You have the best chance to qualify if you already run a successful blog or have a website with high daily traffic volume on it. There is a high chance you will not qualify for the program if your website is nothing but links to various affiliate links.


As stated above, the commissions are not fixed because there are so many products for you to sell. The commissions are generous and you can earn them when you sell them to a customer. There are no commissions for you if you only generate a lead. For example, make a successful funded sale for a personal loan and you can earn a commission of $325.


The biggest advantage is that you have a lot of products to sell. It means you can target a lot of different audiences when you are a CreditCardBroker affiliate. At the same time, based on the product you sell, you can make some huge commissions that can be more than $300.


The disadvantage of this program is the status of the marketer. In order for you to be able to qualify as a CreditCardBroker affiliate, you have to have a successful website with a huge traffic volume on it. Many new, small, and aspiring marketers might not be able to qualify for the affiliate program.

2.      Bankrate Credit Card Network

Bankrate Credit Card Network/Credit Card Affiliate Program

There is no doubt that Bankrate affiliate program is one of the affiliate programs out there. When it comes to you selling the Bankrate credit card, you can work with confidence because their cards come from the best companies such as Chase, Capital One, Citi, American Express, etc.

The best thing about their program is that they have an entire team managing their affiliate network in-house. When you join the program, you will get to talk to their team and discuss your options as an affiliate. There are three ways you can promote their products i.e. Data Feeds, Co-brand, and In-site tools.


Commissions can be different for the different types of products you sell. As mentioned above, you have three different ways to sell Bankrate best credit cards. How much commission you make at the end depends on how you promote the product. It is highly recommended to have a blog or website with ample daily traffic volume to make the best of some of these commission models.


You are the one to decide how you want to sell the offers from Bankrate. Not to mention, you can sell credit cards from some of the most renowned companies in the industry. You can pick a marketing solution that suits your marketing style. The online creative content you are given access to has been created by an in-house team that manages all about affiliates from the companies. That’s something you usually don’t find with other online affiliate programs.


The only disadvantage is that the company does not disclose its payouts and commissions up front. Comparing it to other credit card affiliate programs can be difficult.

3.      FlexOffers

FlexOffers/Credit Card Affiliate Program

FlexOffers has many different affiliate programs for you to choose from. When it comes to credit cards, you have two programs to pick your favorite from. These are some great affiliate programs because they come from two of the big companies in the industry. At the moment, you can join two of the credit card affiliate programs from this network: NewCoastDirect Affiliate Program and the Barclaycard Affiliate program. You can already see how many different types of products you can offer to the consumers when you are in affiliation with two different companies at the same time.

You can use the same platform from Flexoffers to manage both these credit card affiliate programs. If you think you struggle with ad copy to get the attention of your potential customers, you can use the material provided by FlexOffers.


There are no fixed commissions to earn. You have two different affiliate programs with several products and varying commissions on those products. You can pick and choose the products you think you can best sell and make money from as a marketer.


When managing two programs at the same time, you have more content to talk about and more offers to pitch. As per the online reviews, FlexOffers also gives you access to the best commissions in the industry to its affiliates.


The big disadvantage is that you are not able to know the commissions you can earn from the marketing of these affiliate programs upfront. At the same time, managing two different programs can be a bit difficult than managing just one.

4.      BankAffiliates


If you want access to the highest number of financial products, you would want to go with BankAffiliates. They let you offer many different products through a variety of advertising networks. The best thing is that the company has a team of dedicated marketers who can help you with your marketing of the affiliate program. If you can’t figure out where to start, the marketing team will help you with that.


Since there are so many different affiliate programs to choose from, there is no fixed commission. Your commissions will vary based on the affiliate program you choose and the products you wish to sell. In the end, you will make the most part of the commission on the products you sell. Bringing in leads might not do you any good.


The biggest advantage lies in the fact that you have so many affiliate programs available to you. You can bundle your offers by offering credit cards and credit repair services to be more attractive and appealing for the consumers.


A noticeable disadvantage can be the fact that it is quite difficult for you to pick one program when there are so many options. For a new marketer, making the choice can be difficult because there are so many factors to compare and consider.

5.      Commissionsoup


Once again, it is quite amazing when a company is willing to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts. When you sign up with CommissionSoup, the company is there with its professional team to help you with your marketing strategy. There is a professional allocated by the company to help you with your affiliate efforts and your performance as a marketer.

The company has been around for nearly two decades now and during this, it has grown a huge network of respectable and renowned names in the industry. When you join its credit card affiliate program, you can sell products from First Premier Bank, Capital One, Credit One Bank, American Express, etc.


CommissoinSoup has a huge network of affiliate programs and hence there are many different affiliate programs and commission models to choose from. There is no fixed commission for you to pick. You can mix and match the affiliate programs to make the best commission from your efforts.


However, there are many advantages to work with some of the best companies in the financial industry. You can sell the most reliable products that are easy to sell. More importantly, customers are usually acquainted with these companies, their names, and their products. How much money you make depends on the affiliate marketing program you choose from the bunch.


There is no real disadvantage to working with CommissionSoup to sell credit cards and related products.


There are many factors to consider before you pick any credit card affiliate program from any company.

First, you have to be willing to help people to sound real when you talk to the consumers. If you can feel their pain and pain points, you can sell the right product to them.
Secondly, you have to have some online visibility to sell your products to the right customers.
Last but not least, pick your affiliate program after proper thinking and consideration. Pick products that you can sell easily rather than picking products that have big payouts.

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