Top-5 Restaurant Affiliate Programs to Make a Profit

Affiliate marketing is a very beneficial marketing channel that you should definitely consider for your blog or website. But what about restaurant affiliate programs? Only in the US the annual sales for the restaurant industry was about $800 billion.

Nowadays a huge number of people deliver food thanks to the different mobile apps. I bet, that most of you even didn’t think that a lot of restaurants have affiliate programs. On the one hand, you are right. There is no reason to hire out affiliates in a small town. On the other hand, the restaurant business isn’t only about dining.

Is it a Profitable Niche?

Business owners understand that restaurant review blogs and social media influencers that can attract and convince potential customers from their wide audience. According, to thewebminer, there are 200,000 restaurants, pubs and cafes in Canada only!

Top-5 Restaurant Affiliate Programs to Make a Profit
Restaurant industry statistics/thewebminer

This niche is lucrative because it covers from recipes to software and restaurant equipment. According to Upserve, more than 80% of restaurants are turning to technology. A few affiliate programs in our list connected with technologies — like online ordering, reservation apps, restaurant analytics. This software helps to run a restaurant business efficiently and you can also promote it!

Let’s find out what people are looking for:

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
restaurant discounts 1K – 10K
restaurant equipment 10K – 100K
restaurant deals 10K – 100K
restaurant reviews 10K – 100K
barbecue restaurant 100K – 1M
sushi restaurant 100K – 1M
restaurant supply 100K – 1M
menu restaurant 10K – 100K

The table shows the average monthly searches on Google for this niche. Before choosing an affiliate program, it’s better to choose an appropriate sub-niche. For example, let’s take a few keywords and compare them.

Top-5 Restaurant Affiliate Programs to Make a Profit
Keyword explorer/ahrefs

If you want to be in top 10 with the keyword ‘restaurant’ you need backlinks from over 600 websites! But the keyword ‘restaurant kitchen supplies’ you have to get 13 backlinks only.

Why Affiliate Restaurant Programs can bring you money?

Below you can find some affiliate programs concerning the restaurant business which are especially interesting for domain experts and people who know the catering industry.

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Engine/restaurant affiliate programs

Restaurant engine has an affiliate program and you should definitely consider it for your website or blog. Restaurant Engine is a website design company that focuses on delivering website solutions required to attract more customers for restaurants, bars, and the likes. Essentially, it provides all that is required to maximize the impact on the web and on mobile devices, at a low cost.

The commission is $100 dollars per referral. If you have a lot of visitors, then you can make a nice bit of income from this affiliate program.


  • Sales commission:$100 per referral
  • Tracking code: N/A


The fact that it provides the full package required to get a quality website running with the built-in support, makes Restaurant Engine a good choice. The only one disadvantage is the narrow appeal. You can try partnering up with them and see how well it works for you.



This company provides a software point of sales system that focuses on making your restaurant accrue more profit and it makes managing your business easier. It was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry and suitable for any person regardless of whether he is opening his first restaurant or he has been in the industry for years.

TouchBistro has a very unique restaurant affiliate program. They offer a $100 dollar bounty for every lead that you send them who will use the demo. If the lead purchase TouchBistro, you will get $1000.


  • Sales Commission: $100 per demo/$1000 per sale
  • Tracking Cookie: N/A


As said earlier, TouchBistro is unique with topnotch products and services. If your niche is about running a restaurant or a bar then this program is ideal for you. It is an outstanding and unusual affiliate program that can bring you huge money.



7shifts is a simple and easy to use program that helps managers and owners streamline scheduling. They offer a wide variety of products and services including but not limited to restaurant scheduling, mobile scheduling apps, POS integrations, and employee engagement.

They provide very good terms and offer $5 per free trial signup and $50 per paid subscriber. Unfortunately, the appeal of this product is a bit limited for the general public.


  • Sales Commission: $50 Per Sale/ $5 Per Lead
  • Tracking Cookie: 120-days


This company gives the business owners a great platform to schedule their employee’s hours quickly and conveniently, leaving them more time to concentrate on other aspects of their business. If your audience is made up of restaurant professionals, then this might be an excellent affiliate program for you.

The Gift Card Cafe  

The Gift Card Cafe/restaurant affiliate programs

This company provides one of the easiest ways for restaurants to sell and manage instant or physical gift certificates from their own website with no upfront development costs.

The gift card cafe offers two levels of affiliate partnerships: The basic lead referral program, which is good for online marketers, web designers and business consultants. You will get $15 for each newly approved sign-up after the 30 day risk free period.

The integrated referral program, great for associations and business software providers like online scheduling, website builders, etc. You can earn an ongoing revenue share percentage in addition to the flat commission.


  • Sales Commission: $15 commission for every new sign-up.
  • Tracking Cookie: 30-days


They provide interesting terms as stated above. Two levels of affiliate partnership might bring you additional income.  It also helps to generate additional income for your business while adding value to your client base.

Tundra Restaurant Supply

Tundra Restaurant Supply/restaurant affiliate programs

It is a restaurant and supply company that helps to provide a better restaurant experience for customers and to also serve them better. They can help with all restaurant design goals like planning and building out the perfect kitchen, increasing the efficiency of a dining room, etc. Tundra Restaurant Supply offers over 50,000 products.


  • Sales Commission: 7%
  • Tracking Cookie: N/A


Asides providing top online kitchen supplies and cooking equipment at exclusive offers, Tundra Restaurant Supply is well equipped to help people handle all aspects of their restaurant design needs. The average order size is over $150 so, you can earn enough money with this affiliate program.

Affiliate Website Ideas

After learning about some of the various restaurant affiliate programs that are available for you, the most important thing to do next is to pick a niche to focus on. You could choose the food delivery, recipes or restaurant deals.

There is also the niche on restaurant supplies and equipment, and Tundra Restaurant  Supply is one of the top restaurant equipment retailers you should consider. As stated earlier, Tundra Restaurant Supply is out to help many entrepreneurs who want to start their own restaurant but have no idea where to start. As an affiliate of Tundra Restaurant Supply, you’ll earn 7% commissions with average orders of over $150.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to note that there are lots of affiliate programs and potential niches these programs can be deployed in.

Also, I have learned in my experience in this business is that anything can work as a blogging niche, and you can make a nice living writing about how to start and run your own restaurant business. If this indeed is your passion and you think you would enjoy writing about restaurants or fine dining or starting your own food business then I hope some of these affiliate programs will be of some use to you.

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