The 9 Best Music Affiliate Programs to Make Money

We live In a very competitive world where people all need to sell our products. There is a great way to achieve this is by using music affiliate programs. You might be wondering if there is any gain when it comes to this program but there is so much to benefit from this.

Is This Niche Profitable?

Definitely, yes. According to Techcrunch, in the U.S., consumers spend 24 hours per week on average listening to music. Imagine, how many people worldwide listen to music every day!

Music Affiliate Programs
Music industry statistics/techcrunch,com

It is interesting that these days a lot of people prefer buying monthly subscriptions than downloading music.

Year-over-year revenue growth of interactive streaming from paid and ad-supported subscription services. Source: RIAA.
Year-over-year revenue growth of interactive streaming from paid and ad-supported subscription services/

From 2016 the growth of paid-subscription interactive streaming revenue is slowing down, but this is still the most popular way to listen to music.

Music Keywords

The word “music” is too broad, so we took “download music” and “listen to music”. Let’s see what people are looking for:

KeywordsAvg. monthly searches
download music 1M – 10M
mp3 download 1M – 10M
download sheet music 1K – 10K
free music download 1M – 10M
mp3 music 100K – 1M
how to download music for free 10K – 100K
online radio 100K – 1M
listen to free music 10K – 100K
music streaming 10K – 100K
internet radio 100K – 1M

It’s better to pick a few music products to promote, decide which group of music lovers you’re targeting, and choose relevant keywords. For example, if you want to promote guitars, the following keywords might be useful for you:

Keywords Avg. monthly searches
how to play guitar 100K – 1M
guitar chords for beginners 10K – 100K
buy guitar 10K – 100K
music instrument store 10K – 100K
guitar lessons 10K – 100K

It’s recommended to pick keywords with low competition. If you specify a niche, it will be easier to rank your website higher others.

Music Affiliate Programs
keyword research/

As you can see above, you need to get backlinks from 13 websites only in order to rank in top 10 for the keyword “best acoustic guitar to buy”,

How it works

Have you been thinking to join the affiliate music program but still doesn’t know how it works? To earn money from music affiliate programs, all you need to do is build a website that leads to the music products of your affiliate. If the person gets to make any purchases then you receive a commission from the sales.

How do you get paid and how much commission can you get? For the payment plan, it varies according to the music affiliate program. Unpopular music websites always have the tendency of paying more because they are not making a lot of money thus they need the help of affiliates to make money. More popular music sites often offer lower commissions for their music affiliate programs, because they are already acquiring significant revenue without affiliates. While joining a program that uses greater commission percentages might seem better, driving prospective traffic to the affiliate website is the best method to earn money.

Do these sites offer the same goods? Each music website has its own variety of qualified music or products that customers can download Affiliates tend to mix and also match affiliate programs in order to see what brings more income.

1. iTunes

iTunes/Music Affiliate Programs

The iTunes is a renowned music affiliate program that is enjoyable and exciting as well as an exceptional way for your internet site or app to get connected to millions of songs, CDs, books, audiobooks, movies, and TV programs.

Commission: You need to sign up in order to get information about the commission.

Our opinion: The iTunes music affiliate program is a great and easy way to make some money; all you need to do is to apply to join the program, the program is quite easy to follow and the pay is good. Plus you stand the chance to earn more money depending on the number of deals you can close.

2. Virtual Sheet Music

Virtual Sheet Music/Music Affiliate Programs

The virtual sheet affiliate program offers up to 30% on all sales. Start making money and generate great income by using the virtual sheet affiliate program. Get immediate outcomes and 100% contentment. Join the latest trend of making money by becoming an affiliate of virtual sheet music, a prominent brand of classical sheet music downloads; get the best traditional and jazz sheet music of all time on MIDI and Mp3 files on the internet.

Commission: up 30% benefit on all sales. Also, you can earn $11.33 for any referral from the affiliate marketing program and gain commissions from subsequent renewals.

Our opinion: virtual sheet music is among one of the top affiliate music programs that reward its clients. You can get downloadable audios from their websites; you can easily attract potential clients since they have many daily users. Another great benefit of working with this affiliate program is that; you have commissions from referrals and subsequent renewals.

3. eMusic

eMusic/Music Affiliate Programs

All you need to do is join the Emusic affiliate marketing program that enables its associates to make funds by placing a link on their website that markets products and services. Create an account after filling some private details about yourself which will aid you to manage your account. You can use your musical website or blog to become a music affiliate.

Commission: There is no information about the commission on the site. Also, you can earn $6 for each new free trial member you send even if they decide to cancel.

Our opinion: the Emusic affiliate program is great because you get to manage your own account and you get paid on a monthly basis by checking your direct account balance. This way you get free access and control over your funds.

4. SamAsh


SamAsh is a renowned online musical instrument where you can purchase high quality and durable musical instruments and even get up to a 10% commission with very simple steps to follow. All you need to do is provide links narrowing back to SamAsh website which can be accessed by users.

Commission: up to 10% on each sale.

Our opinion: The affiliate program is quite safe to use because SamAsh even partners with Linkshare – a leading brand in e-commerce marketing which acts as a third party tracking; where you get to receive your monthly commissions.

5. zZounds


The zZounds music affiliate marketing program is a great way to make revenue and earn commissions. All you need to do is drive traffic from your website to zZounds by placing links of products leading to zZounds and get visitors to click on the links and view the products. You get a bonus from each click and commission from every sale.

Commission: up to 6% commission of the total purchase.

Our opinion: zZounds pays high and I think they offer a more in-depth reward program than any other affiliate program which shows that you tend to make more money when you have a higher purchase and the more you get to sell their keyboard workstation, the more income you get to generate for yourself.

6. Guitar Center

Guitar Center

You can generate extra funds with the biggest international instrument retailer that sells one of the best worldwide musical instruments. They sell more than 40,000 products, including thousands of guitars, basses, keyboards, etc.

Commission: 6% from every sale.

Our opinion: the amazing benefits you get for using this affiliate program after joining at zero cost is tremendous. You get to choose and customize your own payment plan and can make as many sales as you desire; additionally, your commission increases based on your sales.

7. Singorama


Singorama is an amazing music program that helps you to earn one of the highest commissions among affiliate music programs.

Commission: up to a 70% commission on an instant download product, 40% on a shipped media course.

Our opinion: to enjoy these mind-blowing benefits; simply place the links leading to products sold at singorama on your website. Commissions come more when a client actually downloads the product and you receive double commissions when downloading and shipping of a product takes place.

8. Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano

The Rocket piano music affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program run by Clickbank, the 3rd most trusted affiliate program manager on the internet. Once your commission has been approved, you can get your payment either weekly or monthly. With clickbank, you can always log in and see your number of site visitors, manage your sales and commissions with upfront and on-time payment.

Commission: 75% commission for every download edition you sell (full price: $39.95) and 25% commission for every hard copy edition (full price: $199.95).

Our opinion: the commission varies and there is a gain package for everyone and double commissions for anyone who can sell downloads and hard copies of rocket piano products. The conversion rates are high because the program has very few affiliate marketers. So you can actually seize the opportunity to make a lot of money.

9. Pianoforall


Empowered by Clickbank, the pianoforall is another great affiliate marketing program to help you make great funds. The affiliate programs sheet music comes with a whole lot of benefits just by placing the link of pianoforall on your website and get paid once a visitor clicks on it and more gain when your client eventually makes a purchase.

Commission: 60% commission on all sales.


Our opinion: The music affiliate program has no stress or worries especially when it comes to payment because all payments come from Clickbank. Plus you can easily control your account with ClickBank; viewing the number of site visitors, as well as your sales and commissions.


Affiliate music marketing is one of the best strategies of generating income; it is quite simple and easy to use, 100% risk-free as no funds are required to create an account. All you need to do is work smart and get rewarded greatly. Search for a suitable affiliate program and get your funds.

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