What is the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program?

If you have always thought of helping people with your services, you might want to try helping those who are credit challenged. While you might not have the money to pay on behalf of millions of such individuals in the country, you can definitely help them through a credit repair affiliate program.

The lives of people with a bad credit history are extremely difficult since they don’t have the cash to buy things like big TVs, cars, homes, etc. and their credit score does not let them borrow money from lenders.

Is it a Profitable Niche?

If you are interested in the finance niche, then credit card repair affiliate programs can help you to make some great money. People all over the world are concerned with fixing their credit history.

What is the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program?

But what exactly are they looking for?

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Of course, these keywords have high competition, so you need to think about suitable keywords for your blog. For example, you can provide your readers with the best companies. Get backlinks from 12 websites only, and your site will be in top 10 for the keyword below!

What is the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Program?

There are many credit repair affiliate programs to choose from. You have to find the one that returns the best value for your efforts. Here are the seven best.

7 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

1.      Reliant Credit Repair

Reliant Credit Repair

With this program, you will have to focus on the end customers i.e. people who are credit challenged and need credit repair services. Any use of false statements or commitments will disqualify you from the program. There are no details on whether you can make money by getting more affiliate partners for the company. You are allowed to use your social media, emails, blogs, etc. to promote the link provided to you by the company. Keep in mind that you get paid only when the person you have referred signs up and pays the fee for the selected plan.

The commission you will make on each sale will be 40% of the plan chosen by the customer. How much money you make from each sale depends on the package the customer chooses. You will get the money thirty days after the customer has paid the fee of the plan to Reliant Credit Repair. The commission remains the same no matter how many customers you help sign up.

2. Progrexion


This is one of the most unique programs for marketers. Progrexion credit repair program is available in many different forms and has been around for over 10 years. There are multiple companies that are working for Progrexion to promote their affiliate program and its services eventually. They have their agents representing their credit repair program in various industries. For example, they have financial service affiliates who happen to be lenders in the real estate, mortgage, etc. When a customer gets denied, they simply refer him to Progrexion.

There are no specific details about the commissions on your sales shared by the company. However, it says on the website that the commission you receive depends on the quality of the lead that you refer to the company.

3. Equifax


Equifax had some security issues in recent years, but this has been a great lesson for the company. It now has some useful features that you can take advantage of when you sign up on its website. By signing up, you can get a notification as soon as someone tries to access your credit information. If you think someone is trying to get into your credit info, you can use the freeze option to prevent them from succeeding. The best thing is that the company has many different business products you can sell to the customers to make commissions on your sales.

The company has a partner for its affiliate program called Commission Junction. You have to join the program through this Equifax partner. Different products have different bounties associated with them. For example, if you sell business credit monitoring with alerts, you will get $40 as bounty. The bounty changes based on the product you sell.

4. Credit RX America

Credit RX America/Credit Repair Affiliate Program

This is one of the best credit repair programs out there for anyone who has challenged credit and wants to repair it as soon as possible. They are one of the very few credit repair companies that claim to make positive changes to your credit history within 30 days. If you have any items that have been keeping your credit reports blotched for several years, Credit RX America might be the one to help you instantly with your problem. When it comes to credit repair partner program, you will be hard pressed to find another one with such a huge return for the affiliate partner.

Once you have started promoting their program, you will be able to make a huge sum of $200 on every successful client. Commission rate is 15% and, on average, the company gets $1.500 for credit repair. The best thing about this program is the tools you get access to. With these tools, you are able to take control of your leads and potential customers in a way that increases your conversion significantly.

5. CreditFirm

CreditFirm/Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Promoting CreditFirm should be the easiest job for anyone who joins the affiliate program of this company because of the reputation this company has built in its tenure. Trust is the most important thing in credit repair services and this company has won that trust after being in business for more than 20 years. If you compare the rates for their services with other credit repair companies, you will notice that they are comparatively affordable than them. Promoting this program is also easy because of all the internet marketing tools you will be given access to.

Once you have filled out the application and become a partner successfully, every successful referral you make will bring you $20. This might not be the highest paying affiliate programs out there but it is definitely one of the simplest ones. You will find it easy to promote them also because they have quite a few products that you can promote. You can become a part of the program without paying anything to the company – there are no hidden charges either.

6.      The Credit People

The Credit People/Credit Repair Affiliate Program

The Credit People claim that there are no other companies that can give you access to all credit reports from all the major credit bureaus. The company also promises that it will deliver noticeable results within 60 days. You will get access to an online dashboard once you sign up where you can keep track of every positive change the company is working on to make your credit score better. As an affiliate, it will not be difficult for you to pitch them to the customers because they have been around for 15 years and that’s enough to build some solid reputation.

The power rank of more than 1000 is an indication that this is an affiliate program you should definitely be working for. Bring the lead to the company and it will pay you a big $75 for that. If you generate more than 20 referrals in any month, you will earn $100 per sale. All the help that you need to make your marketing on the internet attractive and appealing are available to you through ShareASale. The money you get for each lead is quite an unmatched credit repair affiliate commission.

7.      MyFico

MyFico/Credit Repair Affiliate Program

When borrowers go to the lenders for a loan, the lenders check their credit score. In most of the cases around the country, it is the FICO score that these lenders check. This is the most reliable credit score used around the county to see how creditworthy a borrower is. Your FICO score ranges from 300 to 850 with 300 being the poorest credit score and 850 is exceptional. The FICO score comes from Fair Isaac whose consumer division is MyFico. The credit repair referral program from MYFico might not be the most lucrative when it comes to the amount you get per lead, but it is one of the easiest to sell for sure due to the reputation of the company.

For every lead that you refer to the company, you will be getting $5. You will have to manage all your internet marketing activities through ShareASale dashboard. ShareASale remains one of the most commonly used affiliate program management system used by credit repair companies.

How to Get Started with an Affiliate Program

To join an affiliate program, it is best that you get some knowledge of the industry first. You can’t sell anything to the public if you can’t offer them value through the program. Keep in mind that you will not always be promoting the entire credit repair program. In some cases, you will be promoting a particular product from the credit repair company. It means, you first have to establish yourself as a thought leader in this niche.

You have to run your blog and share knowledge of the industry with people so they can start trusting you. If you want to know more about your target audience, we suggest you visit forums of these sites below:

Credit magic
Credit info center
Creditboards forum

In addition to that, you have to make sure that you have some good following on social networks to make your affiliate program work. When you join an affiliate program, you usually have to work with banners, display ads, affiliate links, etc. to promote the program. You have to have a host website where you will paste these ads to get people to click on them.


Joining credit repair affiliate programs is one of the best ways for you to help people with their credit. If you can’t solve their credit problem, you can refer them to the companies that can. If you look at the earnings, CreditRXAmerica is the best affiliate program with a commission of $200 on your sale. As for the ease of selling the program, you will not find an option better than MyFICO.

So, pick a credit repair affiliate program, make money, help the credit repair company make money, and offer the helping hand to the credit-challenged individuals to come out of this financial pit.

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