Lesson 6: Micro Niches

In the previous lesson, we considered options for possible niches. Also, we learned about YMYL and E-A-T. If you missed this article follow the link. Today’s topic is micro niches.

Micro Niche is a very specific topic that can bring a small number of visitors with a high conversion rate. For example, you want to create a website about pets. The sub-niche might be dog food and the micro niche — Siberian Husky food.

Lesson 6: Micro Niches

Differences between niches, sub-niches, and micro niches.

We have plenty of different sports, hobbies, etc. The same situation is with travel, spiritual, and beauty niches. All you need is to find the most appropriate micro niches for your website.

Be aware that only a few people will look for them. But they will be really interested in this information. For example, the site below has a whole section devoted to Maine Coon training. People who are looking for this topic are far more likely to purchase Maine Coon treats or litter boxes than users who want to read about this breed in general. 

Lesson 6: Micro Niches

The less general, the more your content answers to a specific audience needs. This, in turn, increases conversion rates because your visitors have a better understanding of what they are looking for. 

3 Main Advantages of Micro Niches

1. Useful content

If a reader wants to find a diet, there is a significant number of articles on the subject. But imagine that he is allergic to milk. That narrowed it down to milk allergy diet. And this is a micro niche that you can use.

A lot of people search for specific information because it can solve their problems. Create content that will help these people and they will be highly interested in related products or services.

2. Easy to write

It’s much easier to write about one particular style of wedding dress, then try to cover them all. You know where to focus and what keywords you really need. Also, you understand what type of women will look for this style and can easily suggest some accessories to match.

3. Profitability

A woman who searches for “healthy diet for pregnancy first trimester” know exactly what they want. They just haven’t found the appropriate information yet. Post more interesting articles about this topic, suggest these women to become subscribers and you will get loyalty audience and higher conversion rates.   

3 Easiest Ways to Choose a Micro Niche

  1. Google search

It’s the easiest way. Go to Google.com and enter a sub-niche you are interested in. You will instantly get some ideas about micro niches.  

Micro Niches/Google search

2. Amazon

Amazon is also a place where you can find a micro niche for your website without difficulty. I recommend you to use it if you are looking for products. 

Micro niches/Amazon

3. Forums

Almost all niches have forums and you can get a lot of ideas about what people are concerned about. 

Micro niches/Forums

As you can see micro niches can be extremely useful and are necessary for your website. Yes, they will bring you less traffic but it will be targeted one. Think about your area of expertise and choose the most suitable niche. Make it a bit more specific.

In our next lesson, we are going to start evaluating sub-niches so that you know how to find out which sub-niche is worth taking.

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