Lesson 7: Evaluating a Sub-Niche (Part 1)

As you already know from the previous lesson, it’s not enough to choose a niche. You also need to think about a relevant sub-niche and micro niches.

Have you picked the particular niche? Now it’s time to check if there is enough interest in this topic. Steady interest is okay, but it would be perfect to find a niche with the increasing interest. 

Google Trends provides good insights into this metric. You can immediately get answers to two main questions:

  • Are people actually searching for your niche?
  • Is your niche receiving increasing or decreasing interest?

Let us take a look, for example, at Health niche. Diets are always in demand and a lot of people care about their health.

Just enter the keyword ‘diet’, choose a country and a time range. In my case, I will choose the United States and Past 5 years.

Pay attention to the country’s choice. Do you want to make a website for users from a particular country or over the world? If you want to create a site in English, then it’s still better to choose a target country. Sometimes it’s impossible to find a relevant product or service you can promote to the audience from all countries.

In our example, we see that the trend is stable enough. This sub-niche get spikes of interest due to being seasonal. 

interest over time/trends.google.com

Have you noticed that interest increase early in the year? Do you have any ideas about why it is happening? One more hint: take a look at the example with the keyword ‘fitness’ below.


The answer is extremely simple. At the beginning of each year, people promise to change lifestyle for better health:)

Let’s go back to our Health niche. The sub-niche ‘diet’ is too broad, so we have to narrow it. Scroll down and find a block ‘related queries’ box. By default, there is a Rising category. Switch it to the Top.

Related queries/ trends.google.com

Now we know that most people want to find a keto diet and paleo diet. If we take a look at other queries we will see that they are also interested in carb diet, military diet, protein diet, etc. Please note that there are only keyword phrases with the focus keyword ‘diet’. We have done so in order to make a more accurate comparison.

How to find the most popular query?

Let’s compare all these search queries and identify the most popular one. Open Google Trends in a new Tab and add other queries (click on the button ‘+ Compare’). 

evaluating sub-niches/ trends.google.com

As we can see, a Keto diet (colored blue) is the most popular search query. However, the interest in this diet decreased, compared to the previous year. 

If we remove a Keto diet from our comparison, we will see that other results have the same interest over time.

evaluating a sub-niche/ trends.google.com

That tells us Keto diet is a leader among other search queries, related to diets. Of course, there are many more keywords to check, so it is too early to make any final assessment. 

Let’s summarise. We chose the Health niche, specify a sub-niche and analyzed that the most popular micro niche is Keto diet. 

Now we are going to dig deeper into this micro niche. Open Google Trends in a new tab and enter the query ‘Keto diet’. This time the time range should be Past 12 month instead of Past 5 years. We need to understand what people are concerned about the here and now.

Take another look at the ‘related queries’ box. Write down all unique search queries, at least, 20 of them. We will use these queries to further research. You need to make the same list based on your chosen niche.

Our list

  1. Keto pure diet reviews Keto diet
  2. Dirty keto diet
  3. Keto pure die
  4. Keto ultra
  5. Free keto diet plan
  6. Keto diet menu for beginners
  7. Speed keto diet
  8. Keto pills
  9. Your keto diet review
  10.  Keto diet explained
  11.  Can you eat nuts on keto diet
  12. Keto diet for beginners free
  13. Downside of keto diet
  14. Keto diet pills
  15. What is dirty keto diet
  16. Keto pure diet reviews
  17. Dr axe keto diet
  18. Keto diet foods
  19. Dr josh axe keto diet
  20. Keto ultra diet pills
  21. Jenna jameson keto diet menu
  22. Keto ultra diet review
  23. Jenna jameson keto diet before and after
  24. Keto meal plan
  25. Keto food list

As you can see, Google Trends is a great tool that can give you a deeper understanding of your sub-niche. You will know if people actually searching for the niche and is there enough interest or not.

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