Lesson 8: Evaluating a Sub-Niche (Part 2)

In the previous lessons, we have found the most popular evergreen niches, identified a sub-niche, micro niches, and check their popularity using Google Trends.  

Unfortunately, this tool can show us only the relative popularity of that search query, but it can’t clarify the number of people looking for articles on the topic. Because of this fact, we have to check the search volume for each of your keywords. 

To do so, we use Google Ads. There you can find Google Keyword Planner. At first, visit Google Ads the site https://ads.google.com and create an account. Then find ‘Tools&Settings’ and click on ‘Keyword Planner’. Choose ‘Get search volume and forecasts’ and enter your keywords.

Lesson 8: Evaluating a Sub-Niche (Part 2)

There are no keyword suggestions here. Instead of this, you can get the information about how many impressions you can expect in the next month. Don’t forget to change locations and a language if you need. 

Lesson 8: Evaluating a Sub-Niche (Part 2)

When I checked it turned out that the next month Americans will look for a ‘keto diet’ 3 461 883 times and for ‘keto ultra diet review’ 0 times. Again, I take note that this is approximate data. First and foremost this tool was created for ad campaigns, so impressions depend on other variables. For example, you can change Max. CPC and the number of impressions will also be changed. But for our purposes, the data is enough.

Now we have a clearer recognition of how many particular search queries will be a month. Does it make sense to use this topic? Let’s find out. Sum up all impressions except search queries with a huge amount of them. For example, I will remove the keyword ‘keto diet’, because the competition is too high. We will speak about this later, at this step it will be enough to remove all keywords with a huge amount of impressions. You have to get at least 100 thousand impressions. If the number of impressions is lesser, then find additional keywords, related to this topic. Now it’s time to find a suitable affiliate program. 

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