Lesson 9: How to Find an Affiliate Program for My Niche

In the previous article, we learned about evaluating sub-niches. At this stage, you should have a clear understanding of what your website will be about. Now it’s time to find products that can be interested for your potential visitors and choose an affiliate program.

A final list is unnecessary at the current stage. It is enough just to make sure that the chosen niche has various products or services to promote or sell.

To move forward you need to have:

  1. A chosen niche and a sub-niche.
  2. Relative keywords with sufficient amount of impressions.

Don’t spend more than one hour for this research. There are several easy ways and I recommend you to use one of them.

Use Google to find an affiliate program

Do you remember how we used Google search to make a list of keywords? Type the phrase “Affiliate program” keyword in a search bar. The word keyword should be replaced by one of your keywords. Don’t check them all, it’s enough to take the most popular. For example, let’s type “Affiliate program” keto.

Google Search/ How to find an affiliate program

In search results, you can find whether articles with lists of suitable affiliate programs or direct links to affiliate networks. It’s better to keep all these links to save time in the future. 

Use Catalogs

If there are too many affiliate programs then it is quite difficult to compare all of them. To make life easier, you can find special catalogs where companies add their products, or in other words, offers. Here are a few examples of the most popular catalogs.

Catalogs/ How to find an affiliate program

These catalogs provide all the necessary information. If you are interested in one of the offers, it’s enough to click on it. You will get more details such as a description of the particular product and countries.

Visit affiliate network websites

There you can get some metrics and compare the most suitable affiliate programs. I recommend you to use whether ClickBank or cj.com.

Affiliate network/ How to find an affiliate program

At this site, you can compare the average commission per sale and a gravity. It’s a measure of the number of affiliates who made sales via the particular program. The higher the gravity, the better.

Forums and communities

If you want to find honest reviews or more suggestions for affiliate programs, I recommend you to take a look at forums or communities.  

Forums and communities/ How to find an affiliate program

There you can share your thoughts and ask users to help you to choose offers or products. Also, many forums contain a lot of information about site building, SEO, website monetization, etc. 

As you can see it’s not difficult to find a relevant affiliate program. But don’t hurry and spend some time comparing the most suitable options.

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