8 Best Games to Learn HTML and CSS

Games can bring not only fun but also teach many things. In this article, we have prepared 8 games to learn HTML and CSS for coders and web developers. Who says that study can’t be fun and interesting?

1. Grid Critters ($139)

This game-changer was developed by Dave Geddes. Your journey begins on the planet Grideros. Master CSS Grid by saving alien critters from extinction. You have your spaceship with a powerful tool.

Grid Critters

Unfortunately, Grid critters is not free for play. However, the creator guarantees a refund if after the game you still hate CSS.

2. Flexbox Zombies (free)

Flexbox Zombies is one more game from Dave Geddes. If you want to learn CSS Flexbox, you should play it. Each of 12 sections unravels part of the plot and gives you an idea of a new Flexbox concept.

Flexbox Zombies

Your character is armed with a crossbow and you need to survive to fight against zombies. Usually, the game costs $179 but right now it’s free to join.

3. Flexbox Froggy (free)

This game is also focused on CSS Flexbox. You help Froggy and his friends by writing CSS code. They want to go back home to their lilypads so it’s time to act! Control alignment, wrapping of elements and spacing with just one or two lines of code.

Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox Froggy is for beginners. It is not required to be familiarity with the basics of CSS. The game is free to play.

4. Grid Garden (free)

Learn the basics of CSS Grid by taking care of your garden. This game is suitable for both children and adults. There are 28 levels and each one provides your new knowledge about CSS Grid. You need to water your carrots, poison weeds, etc.

Grid Garden

This game is available in 23 languages and free to play. Your carrot garden is waiting for you!

5. Flexbox Defense (free)

With Flexbox Defense you will learn CSS Flexbox. The genre of this game is Tower Defense. You have to stop the incoming enemies by positioning your towers using CSS. There are 12 waves in total.

Flexbox Defense/ Games to Learn HTML and CSS

All depends on your towers’ position. You have only two options: win or die. Although, you can just try again.

6. Tynker (free)

This is a coding platform for kids. They have a lot of games targeting different age from little kids to teenagers. Although Tynker can be useful for adults too. This service has more than 3,700 learning modules and everyone can find his personal learning path.

Tynker/ Games to Learn HTML and CSS

You can create a free account or choose the most suitable plan with brilliantly devised courses.

7. CSS Diner (free)

Practice selecting specific elements for use in CSS stylesheets. There are 32 levels with increasing complexity. The game asks you to write selector codes that would pick one of the items on a dinner table.

CSS Diner/ Games to Learn HTML and CSS

The game is free to play. If you want to skip a level you can simply jump into another one by opening the menu on the right.

8. Hex Invaders (free)

It is a tutorial game developed to help digital designers learn hex codes and understand how they work. You need to destroy the invader that matches the supplied hex code at the top of the screen.

Hex Invaders/ Games to Learn HTML and CSS

The game was developed by digital agency 352 Inc. Save the world and find out what #00ff00 means.

Wrapping it up

These games to learn HTML and CSS will help you practice your skills. If you know a couple of fun learning games that are not included in this article, don’t forget to share them in the comments.

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