The Most Creative Neural Networks

Can neural networks be creative? This is a reasonable question. Anyway, if you are looking for inspiration, this collection will definitely help you.

1. Looka

Are you ready to design your brand? With the help of this neural network, you can create a custom logo, based on your design preferences. All you need is to enter your company name, select type of business, styles, colors, and symbols you like. Looka will generate custom logos and you can change the most suitable one.

The Most Creative Neural Networks
An example of our logo

2. Billion Songs

This service is ideal for a person who wants to dedicate a song to his or her lover. Also, it is a great way to find inspiration for a musician. The neural network was trained on more than 500 000 songs and now can generate millions of texts. Surprise your sweetheart with a lyric song!

Billion Songs
A bit cheesy and repetitive but not so bad

3. Autodraw

Autodraw is a completely new kind of drawing tool. The interface of this service similar to Paint. Draw with your mouse whatever you want and the neural network will improve your final picture. The technology used in Autodraw guesses what you are trying to draw and suggests the most suitable options.

Before Autodraw
Autodraw/neural networks
After Autodraw

4. MuseNet

MuseNet can generate a musical composition with 10 instruments and combine different styles. This service was trained on works of well-known artists all around the world, from Bach to Adele. If you like a piece of music that you created, you can upload it to Instaudio and tweet the link to the developers.

MuseNet/neural networks
Lady Gaga and Chopin

5. Neural Beatbox

Record your voice and the neural network will analyze, classify it and build a drum kit that can go on for hours. Pay attention to the fact that the service works in Google Chrome only.

Neural Beatbox/neural networks
it’s the right time to make some noise!

Wrap Up

Our selection can give you some fresh ideas or help to create something worth. If you know other creative neural networks, please share them with us in the comments below.

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